Services Overview

Newtorking & Hardware

Purpose built or specified PCs and Servers are available. We support and specify all that is needed for wired or wireless networking.

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WEB2.0 Support

“The web has made connectivity mandatory. The simplicity of app-based iconography makes presenting ideas faster as more and more people access a shared experience of symbolic literacy.”

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Software Training & Document Management

Support for Office, open source, or Adobe document formats in a legal, business, or educational context. Support for training and education using moodle.

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Technical Writing

Documentation of software and hardware configuration, installation, and use.

OS Support

Windows, Ubuntu and other Linux, limited support for Apple devices.

Web Presence Management

Support for domain registration, hosting, and related services including basic video, audio or document creation.

Cloud Services

Storage and backup, Hosted Mail, Web Services (help ticket systems, etc.) SaaS (management of software subscriptions and accounts), Office 365